Game Server Rating "Perfect World"

Perfect World

PWLight - Лучший PvE сервер игры Perfect World

  • Server type:PvE
  • Online:1000
  • Server number:1
  • Redirects:87
There are agro pets and unique idol buffing pets on the server.
The battle for resources takes place only in PVP mode.
The map of the Battle of Dynasties has been cut
Smelting stones is available in the Personal Account
Our server is a free version of the game Perfect world [build 1.5.5]
The server concept assumes the most lightweight PVE option.
We hope that our players will appreciate the easy start, the absence of drawn things,
preserved class balance and interesting gameplay.
There are two administrators working on the server: Panda / Dmitry and Veronika / Nika

Server rates:
Experience from mobs - x500
Spirit from mobs - x750
Yuan from mobs - x100
Moray's Quests - x5 reward
Human World Quests - x5 reward
Clan Hall Quests - x15 reward
Mirage rates - resource requirement for crafting reduced x5

Game content:
Actual gear - Samsara grade 3, grade 8 - grade 2, grade 9.
Actual weapon - Samsara 3 grade, 8 rank - 2 grade, CHD + reggrade, 9 rank.
Actual jewelry - Cube, Jasper, Hero, Cloud, Emperor.
Note: Singing jewelry can be crafted for free.
Final stones: 12 elemental, diamond armor, stone armor, camp stones.
Actual stones for melting into jewelry: stones with fighting spirit +32
Enchant +12

Server features:
The server contains aggro pets and unique idol buffing pets.
All stages of the Human World are open, all daily routines are available.
The dueling system has been completely changed. Duels are held with stakes in game resources, a choice of mode with and without hirks. More details
The map of the Battle of Dynasties has been cut down, the event lasts only 1 hour, the bank is 80,000 coins, you cannot enter the event in a party or twins.
The battle for resources takes place only in PVP mode. During the event, pve protection is removed from all characters. More details.
The server has a unique auto-event "Minesweeper". The event is pvp oriented and takes place at a separate location. More details
Smelting stones and changing the appearance for an agro pet are available in the Personal Account
The yuan farmed in the game can always be converted into gold through the in-game exchanger.
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x100 ~1000 ppl. 23.33 uptime 1.5.5 PvE
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