Game Server Rating "Perfect World"

Perfect World


  • RatesX 100
  • Game version
  • Server type:PvE
  • Server version1.5.5
  • Online:1000
  • Creation date2016-12-01

Experience from mobs - x500
Spirit from mobs - x750
Yuan from mobs - x100

Character Development:
Maximum level - 105.
Rebirth - 2ur.
Heaven and morale - 4ur.
Combat cards - S category.
Star Disc - 50ur.
Meridians - 4 rounds.
Titles - 34 chains.

Actual Armor:
Armor - Sansara, ranks 8 and 9 in all grades.
Weapons - Sansara, CDG, ranks 8 and 9, domopuchs in all grades.
Costume Jewelry - Cube, Jasper, Hero, Cloud, Emperor.
Rings - RTC and CCP in all grades, Star in all grades.
Stones for armour and weapons: elemental, +1-2 for PA and +2-3 for HPG.
Stones for costume jewellery: Combat Spirit +32, PA/PC +2.
Sharpening +12

Entry Level Game:
A comfortable start with excellent bonuses.
Monthly marathon with improved rewards.
Additional rewards for quantitative completion of in-game quests.

Maximum update of all game content:
Free Clanhall construction.
Opened the original Past, the World of Men (all stages).
Increased rewards for daily quests of all locations.
Available to all players farm items of rank 9.
Exchange yuan for gold at an attractive exchange rate.
Current all dungeons and event 95+ur.
Available game modes PVE and PVP.

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