Game Server Rating "Perfect World"

Perfect World

Incredbile PvP

  • RatesX 999999
  • Game version
  • Server type:PvP
  • Server version1.5.0
  • Online:200
  • Creation date2022-06-15

Server version 1.5.0
Availability of both PvP and PvE content
3 races, 6 classes available for the game
Level 300 at start
Maximum level 1000 (leveling up through gameplay for server quests)
Qualitative balance of classes
Attack speed 5.0
Singing time -99
At the start, a full set of Donat armor (in inventory) and 2 rings for 1000 stat
Territory wars every day (you only need to stay in the clan for 24 hours before TV)
Lots of unique equipment
Final Stones: +50 Constitution
Bonuses for moving clans and const parties

Optimized client with many built-in features
Sharpening +12 in one click
Speed start flights
Target HP
Updating dungeons with a button
Gaining a level for daily tasks
Working macros
Clicker protection
Colored nicknames
And much more...

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