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QuestersWorld 153

Discover your place in the struggle for power amidst a realm of stunningly beautiful, fantastical, 3D environments. Fly
freely to access new heights, set out on new adventures, obtain more power to spread your name throughout
the land. Take part in exciting impromptu battles for survival and even group together and hunt down your foes.

Choose between humans, Winged Elves, Untamed, Tideborn, Earthgard and the Nightshade.
Choose from Blademaster, Wizard, Cleric, Archer, Barbarian, Venomancer, Assassin, Psychic, Seeker, Mystic, Duskblade and Stormbringer....each with their own unique play style.
Create a unique character with a very deep customization tool, allowing anything from eye shape to body size to be modified.
Create or join a faction of up to 200 people to tackle the toughest content, or just keep in touch with your friends using the friends list.
Explore the beautiful land of QuestersWorld freely and seamlessly without any load times as you discover new lands, quests, friends and more.
Take to the sky with each race's unique flyers, allowing you to fight in the air and reach areas previously unobtainable.
Collect materials and resources to create your own weapons, armor, potions and more to sell or use.
Show off your unique style with dye-able clothing and weapon fashions, helping you stand out in a crowd.
Battle for in-game territory in large 80 vs 80 weekly matches versus rival factions, and compete up to twice a week in various modes to craft epic gear!
At level 30 players may choose to go "white name" to participate in PVP or you can visit our PVP map to participate in PVP without changing into "white name
Play the economy for the game utilizing the wide array of in-game markets, such as the auction house, Boutique, personal shops, bidding hall and more.
Receive rewards for completing various objectives such as leveling up, completing quests, and much more.
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QuestersWorld 153

x100 ~400 ppl. 149.57 uptime 1.5.5 PvE
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